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It is my hope through singing for Jesus that Jesus will use me as an instrument to help people without any Faith at all and that do not believe in Him to begin the Faith journey to Jesus through song and music. I will start off singing in English and Portuguese. In the the future I will hope to sing in other languages. Anyone that would like for me to write a special song for either a Wedding or any type of Special Event let me know and I will do that just contact me Lucia Costa-Dietrick for all the details. I am currently taking bookings in the United States and then going for global bookings as soon as I can.


I sing for Jesus, to give thanks and praise for giving us the gift of the Eucharist at the Last Supper.

I am a Catholic/Christian singer that will be starting out singing in English and Portuguese. Eventually I hope to add other languages in the future. You can book me for any type of event around the globe (Weddings, Birthdays, and more). So if interested please use the contact form on this site. Please contact us for pricing details.

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Awesome Christmas News 2017 

Here is what has been going on with Lucia's Golden Voice since eleven months ago. I have been putting together material for a Christmas album. In closing I am looking for 10 people to book me to sing for either a Wedding or Special Event and you must become a paid client either today or no later than this coming Saturday. Those 10 people that book me by this coming Saturday will get a free copy of my Christmas album before it will be released to the public to buy.

Merry Christmas 2016 

We want to let all of you know that all of our businesses will be open on Christmas and New Years. This is also a global invitation for you to become our clients between now and the end of the year so that you will be able to receive some special Christmas gifts from us.

Christmas News 

You are all invited to check out all the exciting things going on this Christmas Season and all of our businesses.

Creating Music 

I have some material for a very special album that I would like to release. There is only one obstacle in the way. It is my finances. I would like your help in this matter.  If you want to help support me there is a button on my homepage of this website that you can make any size donation to help me with making the album a reality. If you make a donation I will give you a reward. Donate to find out what you will get as my THANK YOU gift.

End of the year news 

Since there is only 93 days left to this year we wanted to take this opportunity to let you know all of the exciting things going on in all of our businesses. We want to remind you that even though that they are all individual in nature that they are all a part of Jesus' Love is Global Inc.. Also we want to remind you that whenever you use any of our services from any of our companies all the profits that we make will go towards us being able to operate all of our companies. Now we would like to talk to you…Read more

Important news for you! 

There is a lot of exciting things going on with all of our businesses. We wanted to write and let you know what they are. 1.) Lucia Costa-Dietrick has been working on some songs. Soon they will be available for you to enjoy. 2.) We want to remind you that when you use either our Wedding Planning service, our Special Events Planning service, or both you will receive $1,000.00 cash (it is like getting $1,000.00 off the total price). All individuals that take advantage of this deal will be the special guests…Read more

Live 365 

Hello everyone, we are planning on having a radio show next year on Live 365. We wanted to give you a sneak peak of the material. First we need to talk about the date with you. The plan was to have it start on January 12, 2016, but we have to change that for personal reasons. The date will be announced in a future blog. Now for the material that we are working on for the show. Lucia Costa-Dietrick is passionate about singing and she is planning on performing live for you on the show from time to time. You…Read more

Hello Everyone 

Let me introduce myself to all of you. My real name is Lucia Costa-Dietrick and my stage name is Lucia's Golden Voice. I am passionate about singing and I invite all of you and everyone that you know to stop by here often to check out the latest news about everything that is related to my singing endeavor.

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